8/8 A Special D8

My apparent adoration for alliterations is no secret. This alliterative admiration stretches beyond letters and words and into dates. When 12/12/12 had passed, I felt a little piece of me go with it– no more delightful duplicating dates until after my death!?

8/8 is A Special D8, appeal of alliterations aside. August 8th is the day my marvelous mother was born. Happy Birthday, mama!

Here are 8 reasons my mom is so special to me:

1) It’s special to me that she is strong. We tease her for being tiny, but my mom is astonishingly active and her fitness will leave you flabbergasted. She swims across lakes, runs double-digit mileage, and bikes across cities. She played hoops in college and likes to think she could win any family shooting contest. You can take that one up with Drew, ma.

2) It’s special to me that she values my opinion. She’ll ask me how I feel about this or what do I think about that, and I know she really is interested in my point of view. These subject areas include but are not limited to home décor, interpersonal relationships, music, advice, gifts, and fashion.

3) It is special to me that even though she may ask for said fashion advice, she doesn’t need it! Mom is one trendy lady from her work to her work out clothes. I like that I can borrow clothes from her closet Super 8 style (just one night) or Residence Inn style (an extended borrow) which sometimes leads to home mortgage style (I can keep it…since I already gave her some of my clothes (the monthly bill)).

4) She is special because she is a Tammy Tanner. The Full House fans out there, which you all SHOULD be, will understand this nickname that we have dubbed on our clean-tastic mom. Her release from a day of work or time away from home is countertop wiping, floor sweeping, pillow fluffing, and picture frame dusting. Clutter free is her way to be. If it’s not being used at the Ferry/Tanner house it will be tossed faster than you can say, “Wait! I still use tha–“ …!!

5) It’s special to me that I look like her. I may have my daddy’s noggin but it’s increasingly incontestable that I am my mother’s daughter. This has nothing to do with Stephanie Tanner being my doppleganger (which I H8 but can’t deny), but has everything to with my looks and mannerisms. If I have half of her beauty and charisma when I’m a mama then I will be doing just fine!

6) It’s special to me that she can make me laugh. Sometimes my mom says such outlandish things that I can’t help but laugh, then she laughs because there’s no one who can make her laugh more than, well, herself. Am I right or am I right, mom? She has funny dance moves, relates real life occurrences to reality television, gloats about the contents of her iPod, and baby’s my little brother… but let’s be real we all do because how can we NOT, Stephen?!!

7) It’s special to me that she is so involved in my life. She packed me a lunch every single day from 1stgrade through senior in high school, she was at all of my recitals, athletic events, and concerts. She never forgets my birthday and taught me how to cook. Despite me moving away after high school she always sends a text or call to recognize my significant life events or important occasions. She comes to visit me and welcomes me with hugs and kisses when I come home to visit her.

8) It’s special to me that anytime I am ever leaving her, whether in person or on the phone, she reminds me, “Go with the Lord” after saying goodbye. Regardless of me not always able to have her by my side she leads me to where she knows I will be well taken care of.

I love you, Mama! Happy Birthday!


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