22 Going On 22

If you’re a girl, then you’re familiar with the movie 13 Going On 30. If you’re not a girl, then that means you’re a boy and I don’t understand you… why do you people eat taco bell so much? What is with the fascination with golf? SportsCenter on repeat? No-shave November? Hunting? Toilet seats? Do you just not own a shirt? And cycling back to our initial debacle—action movies over Rom-Com’s?! (For those of you who aren’t addicted to abbrevs in the same way that I am, Rom-Com=Romantic Comedy.) Okay (boys), so 13 Going On 30 is about a little girl who is struggling with popularity, body image, and overall why-am-I-so-awkward ness as most teenagers do. She makes a wish to jump on ahead to age 30, and one scene later, that she is. As Jennifer Garner’s character apprehends the adaptations of adulthood, she tries to fill in the gaps of the decisions she’s made over the past 17 years that are missing from her memory. All of this is occurring with a 13-year-old mentality trapped in a 30-year-olds body, social baggage, ongoing responsibilities, etc. Therein lies the entertainment. Except I never understand because if the next scene after these Opening Credits of my life means I wake-up 30 years old and I look like Jennifer Garner, I would not question anything and I would just go with it. I guess the more pragmatic issue at hand is how did she in fact just skip ahead to age 30? …WHAT?!?? Movies aren’t real????

Though I may not look like Jennifer Garner (sigh), lately I’ve been feeling like her (cool?). It’s like I just jumped off the cliff in Costa Rica again, except the cliff is college life and I’m slapping the surface of adulthood. WAP— morning alarms, outlook email, paychecks! :), bills :(, is this dress long enough?, I should probably dry my hair, letter opener lovin’, meetings, lunch break BABY, not being able to yell out my every move right before I do it like “lunch break BABY”, alumni newsletters, “sorry I missed your call last night at 9:30pm because I was asleep”. Grab your noodles, kiddies, because we are floating now. Floating down the river of adulthood, and this ain’t no lazy river. But the water feels pretty nice, doesn’t it? I’m rapidly losing control of this analogy. Just trying to keep things current.

22 Going On 22. I can’t help but laugh at the things that make me excited now at age 22 than when I was… 22 (it’s a transitional age, yall). A couple of examples. My parents were in town for a couple of days (super fun) and to my request, my sweet mama bought be some things like dust spray! And a broom! And wash cloths! Sometimes I go into furniture stores just for fun! On Saturday I was able to sleep in until 8:30am! My parents also gifted me my first apt-warming present… a sewing machine!!! Now I can make things like pillows! And curtains! And my sister already requested her Christmas present to be a dress straight from the sewing machine… I better get to Betsy Rossin’.

22 Going On 22. What it all comes down to is I’m realizing more and more how much things have changed now that I’m no longer in school. I’m thankful that I don’t suffer from changeaphobia as many humans do, but with those changes physical, mental, and social adjustments certainly need to be made.  I will say that it being perfectly acceptable to quote Lil Wayne lyrics in staff meetings like, “Doesn’t matter to me, what’s a goon to a goblin?” has helped me to feel more at home.

22 Going On 22. I’m relieved to not be like Jennifer Garner in that I AM ready for this transition. My comfort lies in knowing God equips us for the things He calls us to do. He equipped Mary to have baby Jesus. He equipped David to take on Goliath. He equipped Peter to walk on water. He’s equipping me to live this new life and work this new job in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Let’s see what else changes throughout age 22!


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