Plan Messing

What’s up blog world. I know we haven’t been as close as we’ve once been before, but I still think about you all the time. No really, I do. You should see my notes in my iPhone. Actually don’t look at those because they’re embarrassing. I hope one day we can make this work again if you’ll have me back? I have news for you…

Remember that post in May about me not knowing what the future holds? Photos Tagged was just the beginning of an eternity of uncertainty and “Um, Now What”-ness. Drama queen alert, it was only two weeks and not an eternity (but it might as well have been). Since then I’ve been tagged in pictures playing sand volleyball, pre two-stepping, visiting Houston for a bridal shower, an Africa themed going away party, and living it up at a Spazmatics concert (one of my most favorite things to do in Austin). 

I stand by what I said. In that post I came to the conclusion that I don’t want to know what my future photos tagged would look like. This is not out of fear of losing my tan, no, this is because life is exciting through transitions. Transitions are pressure pressing, faith testing, plan messing, and new questing.

Lol, Plan Messing. If I had a dollar for every time I’ve recently been asked “So, what’s next?” I wouldn’t need to find a career, I could retire at age 22, and I could fulfill my dream of owning a luxury RV to drive across mainland United States and Canada. THAT’S how many times I’ve been asked. I never really had a definite answer but it was somewhere along the lines of, “Well I’m not sure, but I do know I want to stay in Austin. I’m going to find a job away from Concordia for a little while and live the graduated, real-world, go to sushi dinner in my work pants life.” (I didn’t say the work pants thing, but I was almost always thinking it.) Yeah, it was exciting. Yeah, at least I had that part figured out. Yeah, no I didn’t. God got some good laughs in and has since then made it known to me that reality is actually going to be opposite of what I had planned. I am embarking on His plan.

How far are yall willing to Chase Chachy? You chased me through Costa Rica, so hopefully you’ll have no problem chasing me to Michigan. I’m moving to Michigan! I’ll be working as an Admissions Counselor for Concordia Ann Arbor and I am so excited to get started. I will elaborate to yall some of my biggest fears, highest anticipations, and maybe a geography lesson because I’ve been getting a lot of, “Wait, where’s Michigan again?” For now, I am taking suggestions on ways to change my irrelevant header from “college, Costa Rica, and cliché things”. “Comm Graduate, Career, Catch me me if you can” ? “Career, Cold weather, Can she do it” !? Suggestions are accepted. 


3 thoughts on “Plan Messing

  1. Yeahhhhhhh!!!!! Michigan! 🙂 I’m probably the only one who would be excited about this!! I can’t wait until you arrive! So proud of you Chachy! ❤

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