Recent(ish) Happenings

Recent(ish) Happenings unblogged about are as follows…

 Abi’s Mom and Aunt came to visit and we had a blast showing them around the city of San Jose, bringing them to Hospital de Niños, touring Universidad Veritas, competing in that 10k I told y’all about here, and spending the weekend in Manuel Antonio. They brought a little piece of home to all of our hearts.Image

As mentioned, we spent a weekend in Manuel Antonio (on the Pacific side) and it was one of my favorite beaches to date! We did the whole hostel life again (instead of hammocks it was super “Camp LuWiSoMo”), and I’m really inspired to attempt to maybe eventually pull off the look of a “hostel girl”. We’ll see.ImageImage

Doc’s wife and daughter were in town the same weekend we were in Manuel Antonio, and one night we all met up to meet them and have dinner!Image

We have been entertained by the host family time and time again. Amanda and I went out with our older sister one night spontaneously, getting ready in 20 minutes because we had been at Burger King getting ice cream with Dani and Jose. Jose made me carry him piggy back style for 3 blocks, but it was okay because I’m buff and he weighs 3 lbs. Mama Tica continues to encourage our desire “para bailar” and still loves making boyfriend jokes. My five year old “nephew” is the cutest thing my eyes can comprehend (see March 9th’s instagram), even when he wakes me up early on the weekends by way of nurfgun-to-the-face. Its funny to live with a family again, having to “make sure you’re home for dinner” or dealing with “little brother heckling” are foreign concepts in good old Apartment #1912 in Austin, Texas. Just sayin, this lock on my door does not go unused.

The power went out one night, and here, that means its gone for at least two hours. Cue the Pintrest style candle holders! It was almost a really bad thing because I had a huge test the next day, but Jose gave me like an hour long massage (bless his HEART) and I did swimmingly anyways on the test, so it all worked out.Image

I have been attending this church up the street from me called Iglesia El Olivo. You would not know that it was a church from the side of the busy road where it perches, right next to the KFC, but this place is so special. The people are unbelievably kind and welcoming and they worship God with all that they have. I have grown to love singing and praising in Spanish. The melodies are the same but the words are all new, and as I translate while I’m singing. When translating, God is constantly communicating to me, “See Rachel. Everyone in My family is different in the languages they speak, in their style of worship, and in the country they live. But the content of the messages I communicate is same for them as it is for you.. That I am your Savior, that I died for you, and that I love you. The words are different but the meaning is the same.” Seriously can not wait to hang out with these people in heaven!

FINALLY a member of the Fanny Pack Ownership AssociationImage

Shina, Amanda, and I had a Thrift Shop Friday Roommate Day in San Jose a couple of weeks ago before departing for Panama. It was LOVELY because we join in the city scramble and hustle every morning rushing to El Hospital de Niños and midday rushing home for food and classes or meetings or Bible Study. That Friday, we got to take our time, let our noses decide where we would eat lunch, chased gringo pigeons, licked on some POPS ice cream cones, and laugh at each other trying on crazy things in the second-hand clothes stores. I actually had a stroke of luck with two tank tops and a long… tweed feeling… plaid skirt. We’ll see where the confidence is as when that thing gets worn.

Last weekend in San Jose there was a festival called Transitarte. It was a festival in the middle of downtown where four parks within blocks from each other hosted concerts and food trailers, and tons local artists sold their work. Aka, Transitarte is Chachy heaven (very “First Thursday” for all you Austinites.) We checked it out Friday night to listen to the music and returned again Saturday to explore the vendors’ tents. May or may have bought some souvenir gifts…

PUBLIC APOLOGY. I wrote in an email to my biddy Adriana how I have become the person I never wanted to be… an inconsistent blogger... **international student catastropheeeee!!!!** Yall would not believe how insane the month of February has ended and the month of March has been! Just kidding, I’m sure you can believe it because don’t all of our lives seem to be stuck on Fast Forward? These Recent Happenings are instead Recent(ish) Happenings because this post was drafted 10 days ago.

Expect higher frequency for my remaining three weeks… oh my lanta three weeks?! Where is the remote control? PAUSE. STOP. REWIND. SLOW DOWN. SOMETHING.


4 thoughts on “Recent(ish) Happenings

  1. Haha shoutout to Camp LuWiSoMo!! Also, that picture of you with the fanny pack… UM HELLO GORGEOUS MODEL!
    Also, Austinites aren’t the only ones who know what First Thursday is… 🙂

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