Sweet Notes

We hold Letters, Songs, Conversations filled with sweet notes close to our hearts. They make us feel warm, make us smile, make us happy. Sweet notes caffeinate my day like café, no artificial sweeteners needed.

Letters. Sweet handwritten letters in the mail trump everything else you might find in that mailbox. Reminders that you care in the form of a simple post-it note can hit your roommate or co-workers sweet spot. I look forward to reading personal emails from my parents. Sometimes, red bubbles on my Facebook homepage alert me of messages from friends sweetly “stoping in” just to see how I am. I love when yall leave sweet comments on my blog posts. I enjoy writing sweet notes in the form of post cards to loved ones with pictures of coffee beans and cityscapes and sunsets on the front. Amanda needed the sweet note from her mother in a care package she received the same day she was sick with the flu. Adriana sent me to Costa Rica with 59 4×6 pictures of memories, each with a sweet note written on the back. In high school we exchange joy through exchanged notes between classes with our sweetest friends. Letters, messages, texts, post-it notes, gum wrappers, whatever, pull our heartstrings in a way to hit the sweet notes.

Songs. There are some songs whose combination of sweet notes just get me. Maybe its the whole song, maybe its the refrain, maybe its just the hook, but sometimes sweet notes are all I need to hear to put me in a magnificent mood. Listening to live, beautiful singing voices evoke tears to my eyes. My little host brother is full of sweet notes as he gives impromptu One Direction concerts. I love writing down the new songs I hear in Costa Rica if I can figure out the name or artist so I can go back and try to translate the meanings. My sweet notes aren’t all categorized within the same genre. Sometimes (all the time) its the first twelve second’s of Marvin Gaye’s Let’s Get It On, and sometimes listening from 1:31-1:41 of Alain Clark’s sweet notes in This Ain’t Gonna Work make me wonder, “Why aren’t we dancing, Alain?!” Something about the refrain in Yo Creo got me hype in church last Sunday. No one gets me like You get me. It’s no secret I could listen to Sunday Morning every morning. “Are you looking for peace of mind?” Black Eyed Peas make me never want to lie again with this refrain. And if you haven’t clicked on any of these links (which I’m disappointed in you if you haven’t unless you are currently suffering through the side effects of a weak wifi signal) then please at least listen to this song, because you look so much better when you smile. I could go on forever, yall. If this was the Truman Show, and I was the director, life would be musical. Let me quickly point out that “life as a musical” is my brothers’ worst nightmare, so I’m willing to settle for a life with a constant background soundtrack.

Conversations. Whenever I get a true, genuine compliment I think of it in the form of sustenance. “Wow. That was really nice of you. I’m going to live off that compliment for a good two weeks.” It’s true! Sweet things said fill us up more than sweet things eaten, even sweet bread (“Thanks for the sweet bread.“). My friends and I in Texas like to have affirmation circles where we literally sit in a circle and verbalize things we love about each other. Talk about sustenance, those things last me months. Conversations that hit the sweet notes aren’t easily forgotten. Sometimes my conversations with professors hit the sweet notes. Sometimes conversations with strangers, like taxi drivers or restaurant workers, hit the sweet notes. Sometimes conversations with my host family and roommates hit the sweet notes. Sometimes my conversations with the ladies in the Ropería hit the sweet notes. Sometimes long bus ride convos to and from travel weekends hit the sweet notes.

I must admit that I am not the director of life, so yeah, life is not a musical.. Wipe your foreheads in relief, brothers. But even when music isn’t audible or when Marvin Gaye isn’t on repeat, sweet notes are being played all around– through us and to us.

What letters, songs, conversations hit your sweet notes?


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