¿10 que? ¡10K!

10(K)ILOMETERS! This morning I ran my first 10(.5)K in Heredia, which is a city about 25 minutes outside of San Jose via bus (public trans life). I’m being especially exuberant because A) runner’s high (endorphins) B) This 10k was way sups more fun than I thought it would be! Originally I only signed up for the 11th annual Carrera de las Flores (Run of the Flowers) for the free tshirt. Come on y’all don’t judge me, we do lots of crazy stuff for free tshirts.. gift card- nah, free trial- maybe tomorrow, free tshirt- omg sure, do you have a medium?

10 Highlights from This Morning’s 10K

1) Free Tshirt. Yes, we’ve covered this base. AND its a jersey covered in flowers which is even better than a tshirt! (See picture below for further understanding) (My sis wants it as her souvenir)

2) Pre-Race Music. These people were zumba-ing to some Pop Reggae and Pitbull’s “Gasolina” up until the last five seconds before take-off. Talk about getting hype.

3) 6:30min. Okay funny story. So in my first kilometer I found myself among the 6:30 pacers. I was HYPED like wow this is super easy and I’m running 6:30’s?? 30 seconds later my ego popped as if it were one of the balloons the pacers held reading “1:08”. 6:30min pace per kilometer, not mile. Welcome to the metric system, Rachel.

4) 6:30min. Despite our early feud, the 6:30 pace and I got along quite well. I only run a couple of miles a day so I wasn’t sure how 6.5244 miles was going to go in +30º Celsius temperature (metric system shoutout number 2). I really just wanted to not trip, not faint, not get lost, and beat that 6:30 pace crew. Missions accomplished.

5) “¡Vamos!” & “¡Si, se puede!” Let’s go! You can do it! Two things I heard unceasingly. So much confidence from my fellow runners and street corner strangers.

6) Costa Rican Running Community. It was so fun for me to experience this, coming from a family of running addicts. We go to races all of the time (I prefer to cheer), so experiencing the running community of a different country was entertaining for me.

7) Water. Hoses. Race neighbors, yall saved me with your hoses.

8) Amanda’s post-race braid. It was just funny.

9) Our little crew of participants. Abi’s host mom, Beatriz, is a running-lover and does a race every Sunday morning. She brought myself, Amanda, Abi, and Abi’s mom and aunt who are in town. We were the only 5 gringos out of 3,000 runners, holla.

10) Post-Race snacks and drinks. Watermelon. Bananas. Yogurt gram cracker things. Powerade. Coffee. You catch my drift.

11) BONUS HIGHLIGHT.. The finish line.ImagePost Race Face

ImageMandy-poo’s Braid lol Beatriz thought it made her look “RASTA” (why this picture is huge I could not tell you, but it helps to get the “full” effect 😉 )

Happy Running, readers!


3 thoughts on “¿10 que? ¡10K!

  1. HAHAHA at the 6:30 pace!!! I loved that. p.s. I think I’m gonna do my 2nd half marathon on Sept 28 – the Brewers one at Miller Park! (day before my 23rd bday whatup) p.p.s. you are TAN (like I said, on my best day pale I still look worse than on my worst day tan, sooo I’m jeally)

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