Living on a Prayer

“Wooah, we’re halfway there!” I find it possible that Bon Jovs made this song just for people going on trips so they could sing it halfway through. Once in high school, we went on a band field trip (I repped the flute) to DisneyWorld in a caravan of coach busses. My friend Kolo felt the need to belt this song out halfway through our journey, it didn’t matter that it was 2:00am. February 21st marks the median of my stay in this beautiful country, so today this song is on repeat on my internal karaoke player. I arrived on January 5th, and am taking a red-eye back to the U.S. the morning of April 11. I’m in shock mode. Halfway done? Is this a mean joke? Did I just use the words mean, median, and mode in the same paragraph?

Things I do here in halves. I share half avocados with Amanda. We take “6 minute breaks” half way through our 2 hour Doc classes. I go to Wednesday night church half way through the week. I fold towels into halves in the Ropería with my clique. I’m half awake during 5am morning runs. I think in half Spanish half English. I comprehend the cost of things by dividing them in half in my head ($1= 500 colónes). My lotion is halfway gone. I cross the street halfway, see that I’m about to get hit by a speeding taxi, bus, or motorcycle, and either commit or run back to where I started (“Take my hand, we’ll make it I swear,” we say to each other). I halfway am a vegetarian now… . Cold showers, body only half in the water. I drink my coffee black (no half-and-half). I half blend in as a tica because my skin is getting darker.

“We’ve got to hold on to what we’ve got.” I know I’ve written before that I’m not I’m not a stranger to saying goodbyes. It happens to someone a lot when her school is 1,200 miles from her home, or her siblings live all over the country (now world, waddup Drew), or her friends graduate and get grown up jobs and graduate school acceptances. Between my blog, weekly essays due for my internship, quiet time, and my online class, I spend a lot of time reflecting. It’s a really good thing. As stated in “Paved Paradise“, I know what I’ve got here, and I’ve going to hold on to it while I half it.

Living on a prayer. Living by prayer. Thanking God for this time here through prayer. Asking for yall’s prayers for my half-remaining time here.

Making this post half as short as usual, it’s only fitting. What are things you do in halves?


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