Life Caffeinated

Life Caffeinated.

The smiles are a little wider, the air is a little lighter, eyes shine a little brighter.The magic you can see and feel on a birthday sets it apart from other days in a special, distinguishable way. As I have gotten older, other people’s birthday’s have become more special to me than my own. When you’re a kid, you just want to know what the heck could possibly be inside of those colorfully wrapped boxes??!? When you’re 22, the occasion of celebrating someone’s life, because it’s someone you care for, is way more exciting because your life would not be the same without them in it.

Today is Doc’s 67th birthday! Incase you don’t remember from “Week Two: Meet The Crew“, Doc is the professor accompanying us this semester in Costa Rica. I was not kidding when I wrote that this man will set you one fire with inspiration in just one conversation. If you are able to love something as much as Doc loves biology or the people around him, than you are blessed. If you have had the chance to meet him at one point during his 67 years of life on this earth, then you are blessed. I cannot think of a person who deserves a more special 67th birthday than Doc.

Yeah, so we’re pretty slick. Earlier in the week, Doc excitedly told us that he might be going on a trip with his host family during our first excursion-free weekend. We knew that Friday was his birthday, and we had been planning a surprise day trip to take him to Café Britt, a coffee tour in Heredia. Shina and I were like, “UM. But Doc. We were going to ask if you could tutor us on Friday.” Smooth. “Because Friday we know that Friday is a really good day.” That didn’t make sense. “Do you think Friday is going to be a really good day for any reason?” Wink, Wink. “Okay whatever. We know it’s your birthday, man. We have a surprised planned!” It all worked out because his family isn’t able to leave until Saturday morning anyways. So this morning we met up, hopped on the autobus to downtown where our shuttle would pick us up (because we’re really good at public transportation now), and away we went.

Doc has never been away from home on his birthday. Since you only turn 67 once AND Doc had never been away from home on his birthday, we had no choice but to do something awesome. Y’all probably think I’m weird for saying that there is no drink I have found to be more pleasurable to ingest than coffee. (SIKE “I love coffee” is the most overstated declarative sentence on social media and I want to delete/defriend/unfollow everyone who says it but I don’t because I’m trying to work on my patience.) Okay so we all love coffee yada yada. This tour was awesome because we could drink all the coffee we wanted (heavens rivers flow with Costa Rican coffee, btw); we learned how it was discovered, how its grown, and how its best made; the guides were hilarious and motivatingly bilingual; and we got to spend the day together celebrating the life of a special professor who has impacted all of our lives for the better. OH YEAH and I won the freaking raffle at the end meaning I got to pick out a freaking bag of Café Britt coffee and a freaking bag of Café Britt chocolate covered-somethingwhateverIwant for free. COFFEE. CHOCOLATE. FREE. I also bought the mug I was holding in my hand when they called my name because it probably has good luck and its super cute.

Life Caffeinated. Sometimes (all the time) we rely on coffee to get our day started or for a pick-me-up. Sometimes our days “aren’t good until we’ve had our coffee”. Why is that? WHY IS COFFEE SO GOOD. Okay but yes yes I’m guilty of this, too. I think my host family is scared of me as I round the corners in the morning until I’ve sat down at that breakfast table and taken that first, beautiful sip. (Either that or Jose is still being dramatic about that time I accidentally clotheslined him rounding a corner and he was parallel to the floor in .2 seconds. That boy needs some meat on him… his pants are tiny. (Sorry so many tangents.)) There are also situations that work as caffeine for a mid-day pick-me-up… Like a nice text message from a friend, good news, a retweet (personal favorite), looking in the mirror and noticing your cute hair day, a genuine compliment. We also have those people in our lives that work as caffeine because seeing them just gives you a burst of energy… Maybe its your spouse or significant other, maybe its a friend that always brings you joy, maybe its the security guard, maybe its the bus driver (public trans probs), or MAYBE its your professor. Happy Birthday, Doc.

How can you ‘caffeinate’ someone’s day today?

IMG_3495Look at this lucky man. Waiting downtown for our shuttle to Café Britt.


IMG_3524My Favorite Subject. Let’s get this in the curriculums, school boards.


Lol because he paused to smile for my pic. Told ya, goofball.

535848_10151302478117104_1703905779_nDang girl, our pretty picture collection is just piling up. “Green, purple, pink- our best one yet, I think”

IMG_3542AND. After the tour we deboarded the bus at my home and surprised Doc with a cake… (singing “Feliz Cumpleaños”)


… Please. Can we all just take a moment to look at this Carrot Lime cake mama tica made last night? Truly caffeinated by how wonderful that was of her.


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