The Little Pink Book

Now introducing: The Little Pink Book. I’m aware that little black books are more common and little tan books are more frequently placed on the Barnes & Noble journal shelves. My favorite color is a toss up between teal and turquoise and last fall I became a sucker for all accessories mint green. I like gold jewelry because it looks better than silver along with the fact that my best friend Adriana would never approve of me wearing the latter. Color preferences announced, pink just isn’t my thing. But now, I have a thing, and it’s pink, and it’s going to be a part of me.

Today I busted out The Little Pink Book. As we know, Spanish class is over (See “Holy Guacamole“). What does this mean, Chachy? Well, yall, this means I will be spending four hours of four mornings a week at Hospital Nacional De Niños for two months (Founded by Dr. Carlos Sáenz Herrera (No, he is not related to Amanda)). This is made possible through ISA’s program called ELAP which is basically a volunteer/internship kinda deal. My job description is basically “Make the children happy!” Yep, dream job. Waddup.

Seriously. Tell us about The Little Pink Book. Best friend. Spanish crutch. New Words. What’d you say? Spanish slang. Vocabulary. How do you spell that? Places to visit. Names of people I meet. Autographs(?). Verbs. Etc. All of these things will be written in TLPB.

I’ve learned more Spanish today than any other day in Costa Rica. The hospital is a 45 trip into the heart of San Jose. This means I have to navigate the streets. I get to take the bus (omlanta let me tell yall real QUICK how I have always been peanutbutter&jealous of my friends at large universities whom use public transportation… so cool for a little old walk-to-school/always-take-a-car me). I have to understand my supervisor when she speaks in Spanish at the speed of light. I’m going to have to comprehend the words of little children when they tell me things. I am no longer UN BEBE in la clase de español. On top of this wild hospital orientation morning, we sat at the dinner table today from 4:00pm-10:00pm speaking Spanish through dinner and over the pan dulce that a tico brought over. He wanted to meet us. This story is a blog post in itself. I may write it right after this. Tonight is double post potential. I’m sorry if you are easily annoyed by simple sentences.

TLPB is going to be famous. I mean, Brittany Murphy set the bar pretty high for the celebrity status of pads of paper through her movie Little Black Book. However, if this thing brings me equal or more success with Spanish as we made today, then I will be satisfied. And I mainly said famous because I hope to use TLPB as a source for new spanish abbreviations to originate and spread like wildfire. (Por ejemplo, I’m really trying to make “yo tambs” and “tampocs” a thing from the phrases “yo tambien” (me too) and “tampoco” (neither) So far, we have a promising amount of early adapters.)

“‘That’s all,’ she wrote” (in TLPB). Jk, we’re just getting started.20130206-225226.jpg


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