Holy Guacamole

Spanish Class has come to an end this morning. It was like that last day of school before Christmas break or Summer break when you’re really excited to be done but kind of sad because you know life is just never going to be the same. You eat a lot of snacks, switch off choosing which YouTube song to play, and laugh about the inside jokes you made throughout the semester, or in this case, four weeks. El fin de Español.

Holy Guacamole. Since our exam was yesterday, our final assignment today was an oral presentation reciting to the class a recipe, demonstrating how to make a particular dish. We got to use our freshly learned commands and pronouns. Cut the avacado. Scoop it. Throw in the onions. Don’t spill the juice. There was even an arts & crafts component, where we were given construction paper on which to write our ingredients and directions. Don’t give me colored paper and expect me not to get excited. I made a “guaca-bowl-e” (see below for picture). Pun obsession probs.

Catastrophe was avoided this morning. I needed to make my comida before class because I was not trying to distribute some brown guac. We had the option to make it in front of the class but I had a feeling that trying to speak in Spanish while using a knife was not a good idea for my fingers. I came to CR with 10, I want to leave with 10 (por favor). However, I woke up to some unripened avacadoes! How was I supposed to make guacamole for mi clase with some rock hard green ‘cados??… no. Our maid lead me to the corner store before I could fret for any more than 3 seconds and I returned to the casa with some soft green goodness and mama tica standing at the counter with everything chopped ready to go. She threw that thang in the blender, added some crazy thangs like chile sauce and I don’t know what and handed it to me in a bowl. “Aquí.” I was dying laughing because A) It was nothing like the recipe written on my guacabowle, B) She made it in two seconds and it would have taken me an hour and 3) I think I was supposed to make it… but WHATEVA. Está tranquillo. Pura Vida. It was a hit.

As we go on, we remember all the times we spent together. Sorry to get all Vitamin-C on y’all… too much? I just really love this class because I learned so much, my class was hilarious, and my professor was amazing. I’m taking her to coffee ASAP. Instead of moving onto the next level for morning Spanish, my internship at the Children’s Hospital begins next week. Excited. Kids. Crafts. Etc. My things.

Here go some pics.

This is my desk on day one when we made name tags. Um ya.. really small for a girl that is tall.

This is my desk on day one when we made name tags. Um ya.. really small for a girl that is tall. My name quickly morphed to “Raquelita”. And how is this caption happening right now.


One day, Kristin fell out of her desk lol (snapped that pic real quick).

IMG_3236My BFF Celis! of Concordia Chicago yall. What a small world. We even have mutual friends.

IMG_3240A day in the life.

ImageGuacabowle from the front.

ImageGuacabowle from the back.

ImageLa clase en total. Told ya… loco

ImageBesos y Abrazos!

Okay… I need to go pack for un fin differente now. El fin de semana. Monteverde bound! Also, I can’t believe January has also come to an end. Are you kidding me!? Whoa, hey Febs. Have a great weekend everyone in case the wifi is as usual on the weekends (meaning nonexistent) leaving me unable to blog. xo El Fin


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