La “U”

La Universidad Veritas de Arte Diseño y Arquitectura is La “U” (pronounced ‘OOH’) I am attending this semester! I feel artsy simply through association. I am totally ball-parking on ratios here, but I feel as though 1/3 ish of the student body is made up of international students and the remaining attend the school regularly for art, design, or architecture.

This school is super pretty & artsy cool, which is pretty cool. The building itself is unique, the traditional students are eccentric, and the food they serve in the cafeterias is almost as exquisite as the classroom window views. I like saying hello to the food stand man in the plaza, dodging girls designing dresses on mannequins in the hallway when I leave class to go to the bathroom, and feeling like I can wear whatever I want because someone will definitely have on a an outfit that is more weird than mine. Here, nike shorts are weird. Which is weird because at my university in Texas, it’s weird if you don’t wear nike shorts to class. Weird, right?

Last week, we took some pictures so that I could give y’all a little tour. Photo Cred: Abi Boeck, because her camera is jazzy and her skills are snazzy.

ImageHanging around in building 2.

ImageThe said exquisite view.

ImageThe infamous LEDGE where hanging out takes places during Spanish’s 1/2 hour break.

ImageArt school probs. “Can we take a picture of your face?”

ImageWe have books.

ImageStudy area and coffee bean plants. A natural combo.

ImageThis cute little table area we never knew existed.

Image“Come Together” gringas. A Beatles pic to signify that we have to cross the street between building 1 and building 2.

ImageYes, you caught me, this was taken a different day. Did the prison dress give it away? The street where our school resides!

ImageImpromptu CTX ladies street meet up.

ImageVeritas en la noche. Romantic.

I have never not loved a school that I attended. Veritas is no different.


2 thoughts on “La “U”

  1. I have decided coffee bean plans need to be in every “study area” I love that!! So beautiful! I love all of the pictures. I feel like I am in CR with you! I cant believe you have been there for almost a month. I’m so glad you are loving it!Take me with you when you go back to visit?! Love you Tica chachy

    • You and me both, Michy! I feel the same about the coffee bean plants in the lib and the astonishment that I have been here a month. I would like to pluck them beans off the stems and chew on them but I don’t think it’d taste good. Thanks for always reading mi amor<3

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