Salty Hair & Ocean Air

If you have never been to a beach, go make a coin jar and start saving now. DIY’s are super in style, I’ll even let you upload a photo of the finished product without losing cool points. Why? Because beaches have got to be one of the most spectacularly dazzling sights our eyes can comprehend. Gazing out at the water until it touches the sky accompanied by the comfort of sand between your toes, sunshine on your nose, the rhythmic sound of waves in rows is sensational. If you have been to a beach, you feel me right now.

I spent the weekend on a beach in Tamarindo, Costa Rica. Unlike Puerto Viejo, this beach is on the Pacific side of Costa Rica. We stayed in a resort on the beach called El Diria for two nights and here goes my highlights in list form: (HIGHLIGHTS KEY: *stay tuned for picture, **stay tuned for more explanation)

  • Beach… Caption Obvious over here
  • Hotel Breakfast… obvs again
  • Crab hunting Friday night with Doc*
  • Traditional Dance performance during dinner Friday*
  • Amanda & I’s surf instructor/guitar strumming on porch by moonlight neighbors
  • Flame Thrower performance Friday night
  • Figuring out one of the flame throwers used to date my hermana tica (fam connection probs)
  • Finally memorizing my Costa Rican cell phone number CALL ME
  • Running on the beach
  • Boat Cruise Saturday**
  • New Friend Heart to Hearts
  • Saturday’s Sunset* during…
  • …Saturday’s Full Moon Rise*
  • Dancing. A lot.
  • Being able to bust out new moves I’ve learned in class (DO NOT FEAR, I’m gonna tell  yall about class eventch)
  • Salsa-ing with the boat captain (sorry no pic)
  • Walking around the town looking at souvenirs and being touristy
  • Hot Showers.
  • Hot Tubs.
  • Dancing some more. (Not surprising y’all)
  • Not getting sunburned
  • Playing in the waves (ie salty hair)
  • The people in the pool from Milwaukee
  • Reading on the hotel room porch
  • Getting to sleep in until 8:30am on Sunday (huge deal)
  • The fact that subway on the way home (1st “American” food) had the option of a spinach tortilla instead of bread.
  • Coming home to Jose rollerblading around the house

**Boat Cruise. So ISA gave us the option to go on this boat cruise that lasted our Saturday afternoon and returned to the hotel just after sunset. It was amazing; hands down weekend highlight. The boat had food, drinks, dancing, snorkeling, fishing, etc etc and was all around as cliché and cruise-y as it sounds. Not one complaint besides the moment I saw this bright blue fish (4x size of Dory from Finding Nemo, mas o menos) when a wave came and rocked me to the shore. I was sandier than mermaid living in a sand castle. However, getting to salsa with the boat captain balanced that bad with some good. I also was helping to steer the boat when we caught a big ol’ tuna off the back. I thought I had run over an iceberg but nope, it was just the fishing pole reaction to a tuna biting the bait. I was happy to be wrong/salty.

ImageWith some Cuties in the Dinner Query

ImageHoly Guacamole

ImageTraditional Dancers aiy aiy aiy

ImageChillin, waiting to Crab Hunt

ImageWithin ten seconds Doc had already caught a crab…

ImagePursuit of Crabbiness

ImageSaturday Sunset during Boat Cruise

ImageFull Moon + Charlie

ImageTEAM SHEETS: “We will NOT go to bed early!” (team motto)

Spoiler Alert!

Q: What do Counting Crows, Miracles, and University of Veritas have in common?

A: Upcoming Blog Posts, yall.


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