Getting Used To It

“Getting Used To It” is kind of a funny phrase. There is a lot going on in these four little words.

The word getting means action is taking place right now. I’m getting hungry. I’m getting homework done (sike). I’m getting tagged in a bountiful amount of unflattering Facebook pictures. I’m getting better at salsa dancing. I’m getting better at Spanish. I’m getting excited for this weekend’s excursion. I’m getting to know my classmates. I’m getting even more hungry. I’m getting a lot of compliments on my shirt today (props to Cotton On, great store check it out). I’m getting annoyed with my unpainted fingernails.

The word use or used is an action of taking, holding, or deploying something in order to accomplish a task or goal. Okay fine, had to google that one because I couldn’t think of the right words. I use my water bottle everyday to stay hydrated. I use my camera to take pictures. I use happy ringtones to make getting up early more fun. I use my planner a lot (its a lifestyle). I use blogging to communicate with yall. I use parentheses too much (don’t say I didn’t warn you). I use a ziploc bag to hold my colónes (still haven’t figured out why they told us to do that..) I don’t use enough sunscreen. I use the words “Sí” and “Hola” 511 times a day (each). I use WiFi at home to FaceTime my fam and friends (love you guys). 

Getting used to… what? I’m getting used to my new routines. I’m getting used to eating babyfood and banana chips for lunch (penny pinching between amazing mama tica meals, see my instagram for proof). I’m super getting used to amazing mama tica meals. I’m getting used to 40 minute sit down breakfasts with my family and roommates. I’m getting used to café con leche. I’m getting used to the super cracked and divot-y sidewalks–SUPER SIKE.. faceplanted at the end of my run this morning– but I’m getting used to the kneecap pain. I’m getting used to super freezing showers and trying to figure out a way to get clean without letting the water actually touch my body. I’m getting used to all the little eager amigos my sister brings over to meet the new gringas. I’m getting used to breathtaking views out of classroom windows. I’m getting used to hear our trip theme song “Danza Kuduro” everywhere we go.

It’s been an amazing trip so far; I could get used to this. “This” being the whole life in Costa Rica. You know you have been somewhere for a substantial amount of time when you being getting used to it. Speaking of new routines, is “new routine” an oxymoron? Other applicable Costa Rica oxymorons “Almost ready!” we always yell to each other when getting ready to leave for school in the morning or the “green oranges” they sell at the corner markets or the “daily specials” they have at the café across the street. I like oxymorons. I like Costa Rica.


3 thoughts on “Getting Used To It

  1. We are NOT getting used to you being so far away. Miss you! Get ready to teach me salsa dancing and costa rican cooking.

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