I Lava Volcanos

Hot, Hot, Hot. I just triple used that simple word because it describes my weekend in quite a few ways. We went on an excursion to La Fortuna, Costa Rica, home of one of the ten most active volcanos in the world named Volcano Arenal (pronounced ARE-EH-NALL). Don’t worry, it didn’t erupt.

Hot. I’ve never seen a volcano in real life before; the closest I’ve gotten to one is during the seventh grade science fair where 61% of the class decided to be “unique” by recreating their own replica of a bakingsoda-vinegar-tastic volcano. Yeah, I’m bitter I didn’t get the memo. Anyways, it was an awesome experience and Arenal’s beauty continuously took my breath away (literally and figuratively, because hiking up that thang ain’t easy).

Hot. On Saturday, our Concordia group set out for a five-ish hour hike on trails near the volcano. As Steve Irwin is to alligators, Doc is to nature. Because he is so attuned to plants and animals, we were able to see and learn about beautiful components of God’s creation we may not have otherwise noticed (examples include but are not limited to leaf cutter ant trails, hummingbird birds/plants, why leaves are shaped certain ways, crazy looking mammals (and I don’t mean my classmates), why algae on water is beneficial to fish, volcanic deets about Arenal, taca taca taca so much more). MONKEY STORY- so who has ever been to Rainforest Cafe? You know when you’re sitting there and you hear all these animal noises as you consume your bacon cheeseburger? Then all of a sudden something changes and the monkeys start going crazy OOhOOh-ing and AAhAAh-ing and your arm hairs stand on end right before they do the random pseudoTstorm? Mad props to Rainforest Cafe because that feeling they recreate for their customers is REAL. Sorry for such distinct details but ten steps into the rainforest, I got this hair raising feeling. I looked up and there was a monstrous monkey chilling in the tree with two other smaller, perkier ones. Monkeys are very territorial and were certainly not as pumped to see us as we gringas were to see them. You could feel them, you could smell them, you could see them, you could hear them… you couldn’t taste them (gross). On to the hot part of the paragraph- I got freakin sun-burned again. (See “Free & Filled” for the lesson I’ll never learn.) This girl was on fiiiiiyahhh (in tune to Alicia Keys).

Hot. All of us ISA-ers stayed at a resort called “Los Lagos Resort and Spa” for the weekend. This place was cool (oops I mean hot) for many reasons, but the main attraction for us was the hot spring pools. We spent our time after dinner sliding down the slides, taking underwater pics, and loving life as we warmed one another with laughter and jokes and other cliché happy things. “Having a Ball at Arenal” says Abi’s facebook album title. I’m a sucker for creative rhymes.

Hot. Sunday morning brought us to a very tall waterfall in Arenal where we all continued to have a ball. Actually this component is oppo-hot because the water at the base of the waterfall was freezing, but I suppose it felt nice on my sunburn. We liked trying to fight the current and make our way towards the bottom of the waterfall but your girl isn’t very strong and didn’t make very close.

ImageView from the door of our room. Gorgeous. That is the volcano in the back… kinda cloudy (typical volcano move) so you can’t see the top.

ImageHot Springs. One of the pools we spent much time in at night. Prune-y fingers to the max.

ImageImageTermite Enthusiasm.ImageImageImagePretending like lava’s coming. Oh my lavalanta

ImageSaid Underwater Pic (Photo Cred a Sami)

ImageImageSaid Waterfall “La Fortuna” (Photo Cred a Sami, again)

This amazing weekend has set me on fire with excitement. This was only the first of four excursions, and rumor has it they only get better. I am thanking God everyday for these new experiences and heated opportunities. (Speaking of heated, just lost a game of Uno to Jose and Amanda. Dang it… but still thankful for it!) Yall may be more north of the equator than me, but I hope you do something for yourself this week that gets your fire going. Rekindle an old relationship, read a book by the fire (mom), do something you lava, “candlelight dinner” says Amanda (lol). All of the options I can not distinguish, but it’s important to do things for yourself before your flame you extinguish… (erupting with laughter at how forced that was, but I’m shamelessly going to leave it).


5 thoughts on “I Lava Volcanos

  1. Loving the pictures!! The waterfall is sooooo Beautiful! Everything is so green and pretty! I can’t wait to sit in Austin and hear about everything in person! ❤

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