Week Two: Meet The Crew

Roll Call! So as some of you may know, I did not venture to Central America totally by myself. I attend Concordia University Texas, and nine of us students and one brave professor came to San Jose as a package deal throught the study abroad organization ISA. It’s time for yall to meet the crew.


ROOMIE LOVE. The infamous José (kind of counts as a roommate), my lovely fellow blondie Amanda (even though I’m technically dirty blonde), the constantly-entertaining Shina, and myself. I am blessed in so many ways by living with these girls. It’s been 11ish days and we already have memories I’m going to hold onto for a long, long time.


AB-ORIGINAL! I guess most people know her as Abi, but I know her as a fellow-Wisconsinite, our Spanish speaking pro, and a pioneer for all things Costa Rica. She may be the youngest in our group, but that doesn’t stop her from being our fearless leader.


Waddup Kels. Kelsey in competition with José for “sweetest person I’ve gotten to know since I got to Costa Rica.” She’s a science rockstar and already has a million friends.


The Terrific Trifecta. (from left to right) Sami, Nicole, and Holly are the cutest set of best friends you’ll ever meet. They don’t know this, but we secretly attempt to compete with them for the “cutest roommates award”. They’re winning by a landslide.


My boo boo Jordan is one lucky guy to be surrounded by such beautiful girls day in and day out. I love when he calls me “Raquel.” I’ve learned that I have to work kinda hard for his laughs, but when I get them they are worth it! (Photo Cred for pic #2 goes to Kelsey! Taken last weekend in Puerto Viejo.)


Last but NOT least. Doc is the guy that made all of this possible. He is a biology extraordinaire and one conversation with him will set you on fire with inspiration. I am SO thrilled to get to spend three months picking his brain while we are here. This guy is highly beloved at CTX and just as highly beloved in Costa Rica!


Spanish Keyboards. Group learning in action. “Hands down” one of the hardest things about living in Costa Rica so far. This is a group effort as they try to figure out the “@” symbol.


Coffee. Another important member of my crew. This picture is actually of a cappuccino my older sister made for us yesterday afternoon, but caffeine is caffeine is caffeine.

Concordia Texas should be proud. They have some stellar students as part of its institution (I can name you eight of them) and an a highly admirable professor. I can’t believe that I get to spend 3 months with these people (another thing that is “unbelievable.”) Apart from our little group, ISA has about 110 other students from the U.S. that we do weekend excursions with, have meetings with, etc, and our university has 3 ish other groups of international students apart from ISA that we share classes with.

Woosh. If you go to CTX, and are at all thinking about studying abroad, go to Richard Pott’s office NOW in upstairs C and get some info. I bet you $100 its worth it. #payupnow #firstbloghashtag


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