Mi Casa Es Su Casa

House Tour Time!


2/5 of my home is Momentum Salon (that’s a guesstimate). Mama tica and my hermanas all work in the salon. Hair done nails done everything did.


Hi Manda Bear! That’s my roommate Amanda’s room, through the dining room and kitchen on the other side of the salon.


This is where the convos happen. I absolutely love sitting down to breakfast and dinner every single day with my roomies and family to amazing meals and equally delicious conversation.


…And where the magic happens. (Stole that quote from you, Abi.) As the Wonka Factory is to candy, this kitchen is to meals. The new stove was installed last week. Super huge deal for the fam.


CUTE BREAK: Josie-pants on Amanda’s Bed.


Utility Space. I don’t know the formal name of it but all houses in Costa Rica have this area to hang laundry, etc. I hit my head on the bananas every morning when hanging up my towel.


My Favorite Part Of The House. Check out that view, yall.


Back on the other side of the salon. “La Sala” aka living room, where we play wii and dance a bunch. José just informed me we’ll be watching a movie in there in 30 minutes… I better finish up.


Shina is obsessed with limes. (My other roomie!) I walked into her room to take this pic and got citrus sucker punched in the noise by the scent. Can’t say I didn’t like it.


Cold Shower Station.


Confusing Hallway Shot. Standing between Shina’s room and the bathroom with la sala behind me, my room is down the hall to the right! Can’t see my door, but those are the doors for the rest of the fam’s rooms. Close proximity, yes.


In case you forgot what she looks like. (See “Siestas are for Sissies”)

Stay tuned for an outdoor picture of my home sweet salon. Hope this wasn’t too “MTV Cribs” for y’all.


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