Free & Filled

Home Sweet, San Jose! Its amazing how you can live somewhere for 5 days, leave for 2 and a half, and when you come back you already feel like its your home. We had a wonderful weekend, venturing 4.5 bus hours southeast of San Jose to the Caribbean Coast of Puerto Viejo. We had a free weekend before 3 weekends in a row of upcoming excursions, so we got a group together and did some Costaexploration (new noun). Do I have some stories for you guys? Yes I have some stories for you guys.

So, I slept in a hammock for two nights. We stayed at a hostel called “Rocking J’s” on the beach, where we slept once the reggae music was turned off and we awoke whenever the sun decided to rise. Hammocks are surprisingly super comfortable for some good night’s resting… mine was particularly cocoon-ish. It rocked side to side as I listened to the waves. Although amazing and the most bohemian thing I’ve ever done, it was also hygenicly-challenging and had constant sand battling.

Weekend break-down time: Free of worry, free of internet, free of supportive shoes (intense blisters), free of beds that don’t sway, free of a schedule, free of much luggage (only a backpack full! proud of me dad?), free of sunburn (jk. sunburn; the lesson I will never learn though this time I really did try to prevent!), free of insect bites (jk again, two ant bites). Filled with sun, filled with music, filled with sand, filled with new friends, filled with building existing relationships, filled with a monetary budget (hence, filled with meals of bakery bread, peanut butter, and bananas), filled with breath-taking bus ride views (“Oh my gosh, we are in a cloud,” says Amanda at one point when driving through mountains.), filled with flowers and palm trees, filled with dancing, filled with sharing, filled with dancing, filled with dancing, filled with walking (15km walked on Saturday… reason for them blisters I was talking about (we ventured to a special beach)), filled with laughter, filled with new experiences.

Free & Filled. Such a great combination, y’all.

ImageRocking J’s in all its glory. You can kinda see the ocean when you look beyond the hammock clusters.

ImageEvery single square inch of surface at this place had mosaic tiles. Obsessed.

ImageMe gusta la playa. 


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