No way, José

No way, José: You can’t be as sweet as you are. My tico brother is a 12-year old sweetie pie, and I’m going to use this post to brag about him. There are a ton of international students at our university (Verítas) and in our neighborhood, so I am not yet sure how I lucked out with a home that contained a sugar cube for a brother.

Brothers, if y’all are reading this, I’m not taking anything away from you. You guys know how much I adore you (SHOUT OUT: Pete, Zach, Drewski, and Baby boy) (Hans, sister-gratefulness goes unannounced). Maybe the compartment in my heart reserved for brothers is a higher percentage than most others? (My heart also holds high percentages for tan skin, Apple products, funny people, and not cutting my hair– See “The Deets” in the menu for more… deets.)

Examples of Sweetness: (include but aren’t limited to) walking us places we need to go (tours, the grocery store, school, etc), carrying our grocery bags, killing cockroaches, being patient with our less than perfect spanish, laughing at our jokes (he thinks we are crazy lol. and that we dress crazy… not lol), getting SUPER EXCITED when we tell him we want to do things with him (play wii, playing with the howler nerf football Amanda bought him, going to the parque, listening to him sing, asking him to help us latin dance) showing us some bathroom we never knew about until day #3, letting us teach him the wobble etc. José even gave us a bag full of gifts for us to share with a dictionary, a koala bear thing, a pencil case, and a hat. All things previous owned by him (how cute), making the gifts mean that much more to us.

I like that… I get to sit next to him at the kitchen table so that I can nudge him, wink, and call my roommates “locas chicas”. I like that he laughs when I mess up Spanish words, “I’m in Costa Rica for three tables” (mesas- tables/meses- months) or “My country hurts” (paíz- country/pies- feet) and the list goes on. And on. And on. I like that he was sad when we told him we’d “only” be here for three months. I like that I couldnt sleep today because he was singing super loudly to Justin Bieber. I like that he likes that we are here in Costa Rica, and that we live in his home.


20130109-230750.jpgPlaying “Hunger Games” in the back yard after morning Spanish. He even makes his own weapons out of sticks.. such a craftsman. (I was Glitter, Shina was Clove, Amanda was Katniss, and José was Peetah)

When José gave us our presents! Taken as we were running out the door to dance class (CAN’T WAIT TO TELL Y’ALL ABOUT DANCE CLASS)

20130109-232238.jpgTeaching José The Wobble

20130109-232225.jpgPost Dinner hangs.

All in all, this boy is awesome. He already has my heart. I know I’m not alone, because Shina an Amanda feel the same, as do his classmates (first place in his talent show (he sang a One Direction song (it just keeps getting better doesn’t it??!)))

Thankful for God’s blessings shown through this little brother. I hope José will live his dream of becoming a photographer, that he will continue be an example of light and joy, and that I can continue to build my relationship with him in the weeks to come. I truly believe that siblings are little pieces of heaven.


5 thoughts on “No way, José

  1. No way Jose! It sounds too fun. But that’s good….wouldn’t want it any other way. Your sibs will love this post. Soon you will have to “crack a book” because I’m mailing 2 of your text books that arrived from Amazon 🙂 Hasta luego and vaya con Dios!

  2. Little bro JOSE is to die for! totes adorbs!!!! ❤ Best sister award goes to you, I'm sure he will consider you his sister forever!

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