First Day Cliché

No need to stray from a first day cliché! First day of school pictures are important in all countries.

Mi y mi cuate, Amanda. There’s some Central American Spanish slang for y’all! “Cuate” means BFF. (Shout out to Jarrod for the Spanish slang dictionary… Except I can’t use it at my house. “¡¡¡CHEATER!!!” mi mama tica yells at me (forgot the Spanish word… Lo siento mama tica.)

Quick summary of my school day so far… I start with Spanish class at 8am until noon. We get a half hour recess in the middle- very necessary. I am obsessed with my Spanish class, it’s perfect for where I’m at with the language. (We had to test into our own specific levels.) There are only 6 other girls and 1 boy, so we get a ton of practice speaking and asking questions… “¡SOLAMENTE IN ESPAÑOL, CHICOS!” Says my professor. Profesora Castillo is in the running of being my fav professor ever and I’ve only had 4 hours with her!


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