“¿Cómo se dice…?”

Those three words are my new best friends. (English translation: “How do you say…?” I’m a big fan of all words, so to have three stand above the rest is a major feat. Way to go, boys! (assuming words are boys (oops they’re actually probs girls (words in Spanish have genders and the word “word” is female “palabra”)))). ANYWAYS right now I’m mad at all the other words because they’re all jumbled in my head. I’m typing in English, listening to Spanish, and thinking in Spanglish.

Today was straight up gringa-tastic. Now I know how car wrecks feel when everyone stops and stares at them. Our little sister walked us to the mall after our orientation so we could exchange our dollars for Costa Rican colónes. Having blonde hair is like having a huge sign on your head that says, “WHISTLE AT ME.” My blonde roommate and I could not help but laugh. “Pay no attention, just keep looking forward. All ticos are stupid,” our 14-year-old sister told us. She’s a diva and I love it. Before dinner, mi mama tica (my costa rican mom) took us to the last day of a huge week-long festival in our city. We live in Zapote, a couple miles outside of San Jose. (Like the Summerfest of Wisconsin or the Houston Rodeo of Texas.) Lots of food, lots of rides, lots of music, lots of staring.

It’s hilarious because we know how gringa we really are! With my pale winter skin and cheesy smile might as well have slapped a “Milwaukee’s Best” sticker on my forehead like the beer one of the tents was selling (another reason for lol-ing).

But can I just tell you. Mi mama tica had not a care in the world. She was parading us around like prized possessions, making sure we saw everything there was to see. Each time we heard music she would stop, do a little salsa step, and continue. That’s how I knew this was a family match made in heaven. On the way out, her brother-in-law was singing on a stage so we stopped to listen. The music got faster and she pulled us onto the dance floor and we voluntarily put on a show for all the Costa Ricans. They were looking at us anyways so why not? Also, I do not pass up chances to dance. Our little sister was soooooo embarrassed. Eventually Amanda and I two-stepped (rep where ya stay), then the sound guy made us balloon animals.

Mine was a parrot (we think) and Amanda’s was a tiger, just hanging out together.

Dinner never tasted so good. If I had energy to describe the details of the soup and salad I would, but let’s just say I quickly learned the difference between soup and soap on night one. “Mama Tica, do you like your Bath&Body Works hand soup?” laughslaughslaughslaughs.

Besos xoxo, Chachy


One thought on ““¿Cómo se dice…?”

  1. Sounds so fun! Your room looks awesome! Me gusta mucho. Buenos noches chahy! Tienes un bueno noche y dia mañana. Vas con Dios.

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