9 o’clock Culture Shock (Unbelievable)

I have safely arrived to my destination! I can’t figure out if this bruise on my arm is from the crammed coach airplane seating, carting around luggage all day, or because I keep pinching myself out of disbelief that I’m actually in Costa Rica. Kidding, I’m bruise free (scratch free, too, mom & dad) but I may need to start pinching myself because my experiences already have been unbelievable.

Unbelievable. I can not believe that I was at the airport at 3am, that my bags didn’t surpass the weight limit (thanks to the packing styles of Ferry frugality), or that the guy next to me on flight #2 was deeply snoring for 3 hours straight.

Unbelievable. I can not believe how beautiful San Jose is (from the little bit I’ve already seen) as well as my suburb Zapote, that I met all these new people with some super messy hair, and that this wifi is so strong! (Stronger than mis casas in Mequon, Wisconsin & Austin, Texas combined, that’s for sure.)

Unbelievable. I can not believe how wonderful my host mom is, how cute my host brother (BFF in the making) and sister are, and how fresh their food is. COMIDA RICA. I can’t believe that they speak absolutely no English, and that I have to rely on my rocky Spanish skills for any potential communication. (And if y’all know me, you know how much I love communicating.)

Unbelievable. I can not believe how the house plays musica 24/7 here (awesome), that my family and I just sat outside and watched the fireworks over the city from La Fiesta de Sabados, and that I am so blessed by this opportunity in general.

9 o’clock Culture Shock is hitting me hard as my head pounds from racking my brain to form Spanish sentences, as I listen to mi madre y mi hermano laughing at Spanish television, as I’m about to nap so I can wake up for Amanda’s arrival at midnight (to say that girl has had a rough day of travel is the understatement of the year).

You better believe this is going to be fun. MMsickMMsicka let’s get these three months star–zzZZZZzzz….. (that’s me falling asleep).

¡Pura Vida! Meaning “pure life” in English, but has a much deeper meaning to the culture of Costa Rica. It’s written on every possible surface, I do believe I’ll be able to better elaborate at a later date.


2 thoughts on “9 o’clock Culture Shock (Unbelievable)

  1. Your blog is definitely NOT unbelievable. I believe it all and it all sounds awesome! We miss you but we’re glad you are safe and in good hands. Keep the updates coming!

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