Attention to Intention

Hello turns to goodbye as quickly as now turns to then.” I heard that today. Intense.

Hello. I’m Chachy, and this is me living intentionally and blogging about it. I’m 21 years old, addicted to puns, and allergic cats. I’m obsessed with nail polish, cut my sandwiches diagonally, and a stranger to neither ‘hello’ nor ‘goodbye’.

Life is transitioning. My mind is in a constant state of trying to calculate, deliberate, and premeditate my fate. What’s that you say? “You crazy!” Oh, great…

As time continues to fly and each day passes by, there’s only one thing I can do: Live with intention. I don’t know where I’m going to be living a year from now, I don’t know what I’m gonna be when I  “grow up”, and don’t even ask me what I’m eating for dinner. But I can tell you that my decisions will be on purpose and my love for this life will be utilized.

I’m not going to worry about tomorrow, or next year, or what’s for dinner. Luke 12:22-26. Anxiety is a result of envisioning the future without Jesus. When I think of my future, which is a lot, (Hence, blog.), I at least am certain of one thing: Jesus is right next to me.

Attention to today’s intention! The birth of my blog.

Goodbye! (Wow, that really did happen quickly.)


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